AFYA BOOST An innovative venture that produces and supply fortified nutritional flour to immunocompromised people in Kenya. LEARN MORE

Best Nutrition Combination

AFYA-BOOST Company provides an alternative solution to immunodeficiency in people using innovative fortified flour which boost immunity hence protecting the body against infections. The flour is fortified with mushroom, amaranth seeds, pumpkin seeds, sweet yellow potatoesbaobab seed powder & other approved natural organic compounds.


We have the best Team that prepare the afya boost uji mix from raw materials to packaging

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Emilia Clarke
Client of Company
"Best Porridge flour ever!, Been a customers past 5 months now and going"
Emilia Clarke
Fridah Njeri
"I have been giving my baby Afyboost Uji mix since 3 months old, now my baby looks healthy and playful all the time!"