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AFYA-BOOST Company provides an alternative solution to immunodeficiency in people using innovative fortified flour which boost immunity hence protecting the body against infections. The flour is fortified with mushroom, amaranth seeds, pumpkin seeds, sweet yellow potatoesbaobab seed powder & other approved natural organic compounds.


Your leading and caring partner in Nutritional Health Immunity Solutions.

Our Vision

To create a better and healthy society free from malnutrition and Immunodeficiency.


Malnutrition constitutes one of the major public health challenges throughout developing world. Poverty and malnutrition have been on the rise with an increased rate of morbidity. According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS)-2015, 1.82 million children (26%) in Kenya are suffering from chronic malnutrition (stunting or low height for age).

People with HIV and other immunocompromised ones are prone to opportunistic infections as a result of their low immunity. On the other hand pregnant women have had a challenge in their levels of iron and blood cell counts. Elderly people above the age of 60 years have their immunity compromised.


Most people living in rural remote areas and those in slums in towns can’t access medical and health care services. They need to travel long distances to get medical care, this has resulted to high cost of medication to these people.

The government through its big four agenda on Universal health care has not fully addressed immunity covers for young children, expectant mothers and other immunocompromised people. There are gaps which need to be addressed particularly in rural remote areas and urban slums. With recent outbreak of Covid-19, World Health Organization has given outlines on the need to for countries to address nutritional immunity so as to protect its people from similar infections.

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What customers say about our product

Emilia Clarke
"Best Porridge flour ever!, Been a customers past 5 months now and going"
Emilia Clarke
Fridah Njeri
"I have been giving my baby Afyboost Uji mix since 3 months old, now my baby looks healthy and playful all the time!"