Afyaboost care is an innovative startup founded in the year 2020, aimed at providing nutritional health care solutions using immune boosting fortified products processed from organic ingredients. The startup addresses health challenge of malnutrition and immunodeficiency in young children, maternal nutritional health care in nursing and expectant mothers as well as immunocompromised people. Afyaboost care is located in Kilifi county Coast region of Kenya.

The company focuses on providing immunity cover through;

  • Processing and making available fortified nutritional flour that boosts the  immunity of young malnourished children, expectant mothers, HIV, Covid-19  patients and other immunocompromised target groups or persons.

Our Core values:

Customer commitment

Afyaboost care develops relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives and health.


We are accountable for delivering our commitments

Team work

We work together in all aspects to meet the needs of our customers and to make the company grow.


We use innovation approaches for our sustainability and our competitive advantage.

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Our Leadership Team

Afyaboost care team is built on a strong entrepreneurial foundation. The team is made of a gentleman and six ladies who have passion and technical expertise in both innovation and entrepreneurship.

  1. Mr. BONFACE KEYA: The founder and CEO.
  2. Mss. JUDIE MWENDE: Co-founder; food science and Nutritionist.
  3. Mss. JOYCE ODUR: Co-founder; Production and Human Resource Team Lead
  4. Mss. JAMILA OGUGE: Co-founder and Sales and Marketing Team Lead.
  5. Mss. JUDITH KACHE: Co-founder and Financial Team Lead
  6. Mss. MARIA KABIBI: Co-founder and Communication Team Lead
  7. Mss. MERCY DAIDO: Co-Founder.

Mr. Keya Bonface

CEO & Founder

Miss Judie Mwende


Patrick Omukuba


Miss Jamila Ogube

Sales and Marketing Manager

Mss. Mercy Daido